Speciality Pharma

GSI Pharmaceuticals specialty pharma affiliates are a full-service pharmaceutical company offering sales and marketing, regulatory services, and distribution capabilities. With offices locations in the Switzerland, Canada, East Asia and South America, the group is focused on the commercialization and marketing of niche pharmaceutical products in either country.

GSI pharma zurich

Licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals and medical devices, GSI Pharmaceuticals GMP Operations make us an attractive partner to distribute niche or hospital products from companies who do not have a presence in either the Switzerland, Canada, East Asia and South America. In addition to GMP distribution capabilities, GSI Pharmaceuticals offers complete in-house regulatory, pharmacovigilance, sales and marketing, and market access solutions as part of what we offer our partners. Our infrastructure includes an eCTD server for regulatory submissions, pedigree solutions for EU, Middle East, East Asia and South American distribution, and financial and inventory reporting solutions.

GSI Pharmaceuticals blends corporate and entrepreneurial experiences with a common sense approach towards the optimization of business outcomes for our partners.

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